About Us:  


Bolupu is a global platform to curate, promote and bring the next generation of smart devices to global market.

We're a one-stop supply chain centre for online-to-offline services, linking European

entrepreneurs  with the right suppliers and supporting them from inception through to fruition.

Bolupu has been funded by excellent team in Germany ,Belgium, France and the Netherlands, which is a dynamic group with diversified backgrounds and culture.

Our Vision: To build up the world’s largest ecosystem platform to foster innovations  and creativity that lead to a smarter lifestyle and more connected world. 

Our Mission: The mission of Bolupu is to make it easy for brand new smart products or  devices to launch and enter global market through marketing ,sales channels  and our online innovative products platform  ,  which are comprised of marketers, top reviewers, influencer,, distributors, resellers and future citizens.

Our Values:







Magement Team: 

CEO of Germany:  

Thomas Veith 

COO  Marco Wolf